The foo_tags component contains an implementation of the m-TAGS specification for the foobar2000 application. Supported features include:

A utility is included, accessible through the "File/m-TAGS" menu, to create m-TAGS files from an existing media folder. Tracing for debugging may be enabled through an entry in the advanced preferences panel.

Note that in general the locator is editable like any other tag, but, in order to avoid unpleasant mistakes, it is not shown in the Metadata panel of the Properties window, but rather in the (read only) Properties panel. It may be edited, though, by writing a "@" tag into the Metadata panel. The locator is accessible in titleformat scripts through "$info(@)" when reading and "%@%" when writing.

You can download the component: here or on foobar2000 components page

(c) Luigi Mercurio